segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

Tutorial: AGA Workshop 2011


AGA Workshop 201:
Evolutionary Genomics of Non-Model Species: Next Generation Sequencing, Data Management, & Hypothesis Testing


Tutorial: 2011 Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Workshop 2011

Tutoriais de Filogenética

> Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees w/PAUP*, RAxML, GARLI, MrBayes, and BEST Tutorials
> Model Selection w/jModelTest
> Divergence Time Estimation w/BEAST Tutorial
> Delimiting Populations & Species w/Structure and Structurama Tutorials
> Phylogenetic Comparative Methods w/Mesquite, R, and BayesTraits Tutorials
> Morphological Diversification and Rates of Evolution in R or Brownie
> Community Phylogenetics w/Phylocom Tutorial
> Biogeography w/Lagrange Tutorial
> Lineage Diversification in Symmetree & R
> Phylogenomics


Tutorial: Como fazer mapas de distribuição

Como fazer mapas de distribuição
Um passo a passo de como fazer mapas de distribuição geográfica usando duas ferramentas gratuitas: o Google Earth e o Quantum Gis.

Autor: Leandro Sousa.

Curso / Tutorial: MorphoCourse: analysis of Organismal Form

Analysis of Organismal Form An introduction to morphometrics, delivered as a Web-based course
Data: 7 November – 16 December 2011.
Instructor: Chris Klingenberg

The course is part of the final year of various undergraduate degree programmes in the life sciences. The course is delivered via the Web to make it accessible to participants from outside of Manchester.

The course provides an introduction to geometric morphometrics and its applications.

Fee for the course: GBP 260.00. Deadline: 18 September 2011.
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quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

Medidas de produção de conhecimento para taxonomistas: podemos melhorá-las?

Data: Quinta 16/06/2011 -- 16:00-17:00

> M.Sc. Agustín Camacho [Depto de Fisiologia - IB-USP]

Local: Depto de Zoologia, sala 158

Publicações recomendadas:
- Taxonomy in a Changing World: Seeking Solutions for a Science in Crisis (2007). Agnarsson & Kuntner. Systematic Biology 56(3): 531-539.
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- Scratchpads: a data-publishing framework to build, share and manage information on the diversity of life (2009). Smith, Rycroft, Harman, Scott & Roberts. BMC Bioinformatics 10(Suppl 14):S6.

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terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

Estudo da presença, função e das vias de produção de melatonina em invertebrados

Data: Quinta 09/06/2011 -- 16:00-17:00

> M.Sc Rafael Peres [Depto de Fisiologia - ICB-USP]

Local: Depto de Zoologia, sala 158

Publicações recomendadas:
- Evolution of arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase: emergence and divergence(2006). Coon & Klein. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 27(252 1-2):2-10.

- Non-vertebrate melatonin (2003). Hardeland & Poeggeler . Journal Pineal Research 34:233–241.

- “What watch?…such much!”Complexity and evolution of circadian clocks (2002). Roenneberg & Merrow. Cell and Tissue Research 309(1):3-9.

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